The Plush Factory Seated Bear Circa 1958-1965?

by Andy

This dark brown bear has lighter tan material for the forward facing part of each ear, the snout, and bottoms of the feet, but not on the forepaws, which are all dark fur like the body & limbs. The eyes are featureless, black plastic and there does not appear to be any mouth, toes, claws, etc. The tip of the nose is a darker brown faux-leather material with slightly rough texturing and sewn dimples for nostrils.

The bear is permanently in a seated position with legs splayed, the bear sits 20" tall, 20" wide (at the feet), and 17" deep. The limbs are simply sewn, not articulated or rotating / socketed. There is no real way to position them outside the splay-legged sitting position though they are not stiff and hang limply when the bear is picked up. The arms are curved slightly while the legs have a more distinct bend at the knee. The head does not turn at all.

The fabric label is almost completely faded but you can just make out the NY address of The Plush Factory, Inc, which agrees with the trademark plastic button sewn on the bottom of the bear right next to the label.

A family member claims to have purchased this bear in the gift shop of a national park (not sure which one, though) in California while on vacation in the late 1950s to early 1960s. I can't seem to find out if The Plush Factory existed that far back but I can find records of it to at least 1984.

Overall the bear is in very good condition, almost like new. The only perceptible wear is the print on the fabric label on the very bottom being faded. I have been looking all over Google and can't find too many plushes from The Plush Factory or much about them, and nothing that looks much like this bear in any way.

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