The Ritz Brother Teddy Bears

by Sharon

The Ritz Brother Teddy Bears

The Ritz Brother Teddy Bears

These are ‘The Ritz Brothers’, as you can see from their knitted jumpers they are both Souvenir bears from the Ritz Hotel, London.

I have fond memories of these bears as they were bought for me by my boyfriend on a special birthday treat stay at the hotel. We wanted something to remind us of our wonderful stay in this very grand London hotel and so he thought he would buy me a bear from the shop. Little did my boyfriend know that the salesman was very good at his job and somehow convinced him to buy two bears by saying “Are you sure you don’t want two, as he’s going to get lonely?”

I'm very glad he did though as they do go rather well together. I have always thought they look like a couple of bruisers and would do very well as bouncers somewhere.

The bears are made by Channel Island bears

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