The Velveteen Bean Bear Company

by Libby
(Perth, Western Australia)

Beefeater Teddy Bear

Beefeater Teddy Bear

I have two "The Velveteen Bean Bear company" bears I got when living in the UK in the 70's or 80's (sorry lived there on two occasions). One is a policeman & one is a Beefeater. They both are in good condition & still have their original tags with price label on them.

Bobby is a deep blue/black with his bobbies belt , hat & little stars on his collar as his rank. Beefeater is in the usual beefeater uniform.

The Velveteen Bean Bear Company Great Britain Police Bobby

Soft real velvet UK police constable bear
Filled with beans ( not pellets )
10 inches
Item B5375NG

Really adorable collectible UK item

The Beefeater is also 10" tall. They both have their original swing tags stitched to their bottoms & the original cardboard tag with logo etc on it

No valuation can be given I'm afraid. bears are only worth what they last sold for either in auction or elsewhere. Kate

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