Theodore Edward Bear aka Ted E. Bear aka Ted E.

by Rob T.

In the summer of 1989 I, along with my older brother, moved to Kentucky. Before moving we had been living with our father and stepmother, her daughter (from a previous marriage), and our little baby half-sister. My brother and I had been forced to leave the rest because earlier that year my father had been convicted of fraud and tax evasion. After he had been found guilty, he was sentenced to 15 years imprisonment in the Federal Penitentiary System. The arrangement has always been, unbeknownst to us, that should anything ever happen to dear old Dad, we would be mother-bound. During that first year with mom, I had a hard time adjusting. The emotional trauma I had experienced was clearly taking it's toll on little 8 year old me. I have always been a bit...shall we say...soft, and had always worn my heart on my sleeve.

My mother, whom I love dearly, wanted so badly to help. Then, in her infinite wisdom, she knew exactly what to do. Or at least she hoped she might be able to help. She told me that when she was around the same age as I was (maybe a little older) she had had a similar experience. She too had lost her father, except her dad had passed away. During the first year without him, which was the hardest she said...when she felt lonely...when she needed someone to sit with her when she cried...or
someone to hug...someone that wouldn't tell anyone all her secrets....she had turned to Teddy. "Theodore Edward Bear is his full name. Ted for short, so Ted E. Bear, or Teddy. He was my best friend Rob, but I think he needs a new friend. Someone who will play with him, and tell him stories. Someone like you kiddo. Whaddya say?" Well, reluctant at first, I was eventually coerced. I eventually accepted my new little ally. It didn't take long, for that little old bear to find a home deep in my heart.
I don't know when he was made. Nor do I know who made him. He is at least almost 70 years old, has glass eyes, and his arms and legs the shoulders and hips. His head used to turn back and forth, but won't anymore (after having been sown back on by ny grandmother). He also has something inside his little round torso (which has a small opening in the back, under his fur), that used to make sounds when you tipped him, or turned him upside a little growl is how mom described it. Anything you might be able to tell me, even the slightest detail....would be greatly appreciated. Although tattered and frayed, I consider him I am not in need of an appraisal. But if you know of someone that can restore or repair, that information would be much appreciated. Thanks. Have a lovely day!

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