Thirteen inch Teddy Bear From 50s or 60s

by Hilary
(California, USA)

teddy bear from 50s or 60s

teddy bear from 50s or 60s

Please help me identify my bear. This was my childhood bear, given to me when I was a baby. I was born @ 1960. My bear is about 13 inches tall without the ears. He has no tags or button. He looks like he has a bit of a hump on his back. I think he used to make a noise when I pushed on his tummy, but now it just feels like there is a mechanism in there, but no sound really comes out. He was never a particularly soft and cuddly bear, so I don't think I played with him very much. He's a bit stiff. His eyes look to me as though they are made of glass. I think he is made of mohair, but I can not tell what he is stuffed with. His arms and legs are jointed, and his head turns. Thick black thread define his nose, mouth, and toes. Thanks very much for any help in identifying my old bear!

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