Thrift store find #1 mohair puppy?

by Niki

Thrift store find mohair puppy?

Thrift store find mohair puppy?

So..the first looks to be a dog. Maybe a bunny but I'm leaning towards dog. I believe he is mohair, but there's a slight shimmer to his coat. Tempted to try the burn test but his fur is so perfect in texture and length I think even the tiniest snip of hair would be visible as uneven.
Little red felt tongue sticking out and a fluff nose? I tried the teeth on eye to see if glass or plastic.. Although it does not have the hollow "thud" as the bear I'll post after this, it does have a coolish feel and sharp "Tick" sound. I'm almost thinking these were carnival prizes in their day but again not sure. But he's soft and in beautiful condition, which is why I had to have him.

No tag or even indication of had having one.

Will be posting a teddy also shortly. Thanks for any and all information or guesses! My search has gone stale.


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