Thrift Store Teddy

by Tori

Brown and cream teddy bear

Brown and cream teddy bear

While at the thrift store this adorable little fellow caught my eye. He has a nice spot on my headboard and is happy in his new home, however here in lies the problem, I have no idea what his origins are. The yellow tag on the mid section of his left leg has been cut to a stub, so I'm completely lost as to figuring out what company made him. He has black bead eyes hidden in his fluff, and a slightly textured plastic nose with nostrils included. I'm not one hundred percent certain, but I think he may have had a bow around his neck at one point, given that he has two stray strings tucked under his chin. His fur is very soft, I would say about an inch or two thick as you can push your fingers pretty deep into the fuzz. He has three toes sewn into his feet but features no paw grooves in his hands, the paw pads also have a different texture fur than the kind on his body. He has a stray string behind his left ear, perhaps the same case of my theorized bow on something previously being sewn onto there. He's roughly ten inches tall, and his default pose is sitting down. Does anyone know this bear? while I'm sure he's of no money value, I'd still like to know where he came from!

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