Tiny Bear

by Sharon

Tiny Bear

Tiny Bear

This is my smallest bear in my collection. He isn't much to look at and he has no monetary value but he does have a big place in my heart.

He came from a shop called "Woolworths's", a shop many of you will remember and like me may have fond memories from their childhood.

Woolworths was the shop I remember being taken too every week by my parents when I was very small. The reason was simple; they were the only shop where you could het a great pick and mix sweet selection.

It was such a weekly treat and I have some very lovely memories of being with my mum and dad and having so much fun dipping our hands into the brightly coloured jars of sweets and filling our pink striped paper bag, until it was almost over flowing. (In those days it was really cheap).

Anyway Woolworths is gone now and so has my mother and so every time I look at this tiny bear and hold in my hand, I am instantly back amongst the sweets and childhood memories. Isn't it great how teddies can have that instant connection with lovely warm memories? That's probably why we love them so much.

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