Trying to find. Duplicate Of My Mothers Bestfriend Mr. grey Bear

by Kat
(Carrollton , Georgia )

Mr Grey teddy bear

Mr Grey teddy bear

Hello! My mother passed away 4 years ago as of August 13th This year & My father not long after her . Growing up as a child I remember she always had this stuffed bear she loved she called Mr. Grey Bear , She absolutely loved him . After her passing I found Mr Grey Bear among her things and have kept him for myself , however I would love to know where he came from And to possibly try and purchase another one so that I can save Him & have one to pass down to my own children as well some day.

I know that he was purchased sometime I believe in the late 90’s around the time I was born in ‘99 but I could be wrong. Possibly purchased in a hospital Gift shop again MAYBE could be wrong .
He to me appears as a light blueish color with A white stomach / white in his ears and hard black nose /eyes . His fur could be matted from washing Mz over time or maybe how he was originally made I’m unsure .
Nobody in my family has an idea where my father got it for her and unfortunately neither are here to ask anymore . Also unfortunately his tag had worn away to nothing.
I’ve looked into Wendy Weston Bears and Gunds and haven’t found anything . Any links , ideas or any leads are so helpful!

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