Trying to find how teddy looked way back when.

by Virgil
(Near Panama City, FL)

Okay so when I was 2 my great grandmother game me a bear out of her stuffed animal collection, it looked a lil old already so he was probably made late 1900’s or early 2000’s. He’s a yellowish cream color with a brown nose brown eyes with black pupials. On his left side of his neck he has a red bow tie that’s attached by sewing on. He was once fluffy I’m sure with a belly that’s a slightly darker color and less fur. There’s a string on the top of his head that once had a tag I’m sure. He has the same material on his belly as the inside of his ear and has short arms that go to his hips and round feet. I love him very much, I’d like to learn more about him if possible and to see how old he is. He’s been a comfort item so I don’t trust anyone else to touch him so I can’t really bring him to antique stores so maybe this website will help?
Check photo attached for more details

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