Trying to find this bear

by Dugan
(Phila, PA)

white bear

white bear

This was my little sister's favorite teddy bear all through her childhood and into high school. She left it behind in a motel when she was 16 and I've always wanted to find a replacement for her.

She was born in 1989, so the bear dates from round that time, maybe 1990 or 1991. I have no idea of brand or where it was purchased. All white bear, with most of its body covered with a patterned fabric "outfit"with small red hearts. My recollection is that the fabric had some sheen to it, a satin-like quality. But that's not really apparent form the picture I have, and it's been a long time so I'm not sure.

The most defining characteristic is that the ears are lined with the same heart-pattern fabric. That seems to me an unusual thing - perhaps unique to a specific manufacturer?

Any help in identifying this bear would be very much appreciated.

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