Trying to identify a teddy bear from the early 1980's

by DEB
(Monroe, MI)

Hi, I'm trying to identify one of my first bears. He wasn't a family heirloom but he was given to me by a dear relative, and he meant the world to me. He was lost (more likely stolen, by one of my former in-laws) during a move. I believe he was purchased at a Hallmark store or some other local shop, maybe the dime store or a drug store, in the late 70's-early 1980's. He appears similar to bears made in Korea, around that time. I apologize for not having the greatest picture of him, but he went everywhere with me so I had to crop myself out. I've been a serious collector for many years and it would be wonderful to have another, just like my first bear, back in the hug. If I were to guess, I would say he wasn't much bigger than 8 inches long and wasn't jointed. Thank you so much for any help with his identity!

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