Trying to identify my childhood bear!

by Eliza

twenty-one centimetre velveteen rainbow teddy

twenty-one centimetre velveteen rainbow teddy

I am interested in discovering the origins of my much loved twenty-one centimetre velveteen rainbow teddy as his identification tags have long since faded. I became his mum in 1997 upon my birth. The ensuing years of attention have resulted in his fur being rubbed off, stuffing being lost and/or compacted and the loss of definition in his shoulders. Tears, holes and ripped seams in his velveteen coat bear out the fact that he has been unintentionally subjected to a real battering over the years. I believe this has and continues to be caused by friction from cuddles and bed linen that he has willingly endured over the years. Regardless of his rather threadbare appearance he is still much loved and is presently undergoing repairs. I left it a bit too long to attend to the trauma he has suffered over the years, but found it difficult to part with him; even if only for a short time. I have been assured he will suffer no ill effects from the repair process and will wear his patches as a sign of love and courage. I know he won’t look quite the same but hey, he is my best friend. He is non-judgmental and always willing to listen. I can’t remember what he originally looked like all those years ago, but smidgens of colour that are still visible indicate that he was an animated and cheerful little bear in his heyday . . . absolutely gorgeous. He had a baby blue body and round, stumpy tail; purple legs, orange ears, yellow face and green arms. He has a tiny purple, almost ellipse nose with nostrils etched thereon and tiny black button eyes. His mouth is stitched with black thread. His three claws are also defined with black stitching. And he has stuffing pellets in his bottom which enables him to take pride of place on my pillow as he looks out the door into the garden as he waits patiently for his night-time cuddles. I would really appreciate if anyone knew anything about my teddy bear. I would like to try and fix him and would also like to see if there are any other bears like him left. He was purchased in Canberra, Australia and I have a feeling he was purchased from a ToyWorld. If anyone has any suggestions or ideas, or places I could seek out more information and help, it would mean the world to me!! A big thank thank thank you in advance!! (really hope this is over the 400 words response) - thanks again, Eliza, Australia

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