Trying to identify my childhood best friend, Bunny

by Mia Rose
(United Kingdom )

I’ve had bunny Since I was born (almost 20 years) and I would really love to be able to identify where he came from or the make, i have tried looking online and searched pretty much any combination of 2002 rabbit teddy bear, so this is one of the last resorts on finding on finding his origin or even any other bunnies that are the same as him. Ideally I would love to buy another of the exact same for them to be pals. My bunny has been through a lot these past 20 years and was almost completely decapitated so he looks a bit different than he would have when he was first purchased with his new stitchings to keep him together but I’m hoping it would still be clear to see his original character. He has floppy ears that hang towards the back of his head not the side and his arms and legs are filled with beads. (Although he is missing a lot of them now) he’s not fluffy exactly but he is soft. He has 2 small black eyes and a slight darker shade of beige as a nose with a little pink nose on the end. He also has a small round tail on his behind, on the bottom of his feet he has 3 black lines. I hope I am able to find who is he <3

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