Trying to Replace a Dear Lost Bear

by Tim
(New York City)

cute smiling teddy bear

cute smiling teddy bear

A charming bear given to my wife as a toddler in the MidWestern United States. May originally have been a version of Winnie the Pooh though color is brown. Probably bought in the late 1970s or early 1980s.

My wife kept until the 2010s, it was very dear to her, but sadly it went missing when moving.

Now, my younger daughter (3), wants to give her mother a teddy bear for her birthday, and I had the idea of trying to find a replacement for the poor lost bear.

If anyone has a guess, do let me know, I'll check back here. It looks a bit like the vintage J. Swedlin Pooh bears but the smile and nose are a bit different, and also the nose is plastic.

Any hints or guesses appreciated!


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