Trying to understand my bear's heritage.

by Dawn
(Lynn Haven, FL, USA)


12" teddy Bear

I bought this bear a few years ago at an antique shop. It reminded me of a bear I had as a child. This one is 12" tall with light brown or honey colored mohair. It has a brown embroidered nose, dark amber colored eyes and an open mouth smile. The inside of the mouth is peach color. The inside paws and bottom of feet are dark brown velour(?)' Soft to the touch. The arms and legs are fully jointed. The head turns limited. There is a working growler box inside. Curved arms are about 6" long and legs are about 6.5" long. He was made with a humpback. Has a small tag in back with a PS with small standing bear in between the P and the S. Reverse side of tag says "Handmade in Germany". The feet are embroidered with gold thread. The right one reads "Traditions-baer Gehren". The left one reads "65 - 150 1997". There is a red bow around neck, not sure if it is original. There is also a hang tag around it's neck that reads as "Traditionsbaer Gehren 1997 limitierte Auflage bon 150 Stück Thüringer Handerbeit bon PS (logo with small bear between letters) Nummer 65/150 -echt Mohair - holzwollgestopt - bewegliche Glieder - Glausaugen, Brummstimme Plüschparadies Konigseer Strasse 12 98708 Gehren/Thür Made in Germany". For all the information I have, have not been able to locate any information online about the company or this bear. Also, would like to know if you comp or brush mohair or just leave it alone? Looks kind of flattened on back of legs.

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