Two bears from 1900

by James

These are two bears that have been passed down to me from my grandparents who are now deceased, but these bears have been in the family for over 110 years, given to my father who is now 80, and then to me. Both would appear to be prior to 1910. They are filled with a wood straw, felt paws, and feet, they are a little worn but surprisingly in good condition considering their age. They are missing some fur and one has its right ear partially missing. The other bear has small blemish in the left eye. They are stored in an enclosure to prevent further deterioration from the environment.

The bear with black stitching comes from my grandfather in Italy. He was 7 in the picture attached. The other is from my grandfather who lived in Canada. I do not have a photo of him with the bear. Both of them were born in 1901 and one died in 1997 and the other in 1986.

I'm curious of the value of these bears , any assistance would be appreciated.

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