Two bears lost in a fire, help with ID please?

by Jenni
(Adelaide, South Australia)

Teddy Bears with Chemicals on them

Teddy Bears with Chemicals on them

I have no labels to tell me anything about the bears. They were supposed to be cleaned and kept after a fire, but they now cannot be found :(

The larger bear is a golden coloured mohair bear, filled with wood wool. His fur was a little longish. As you can see, it was long enough to obscure his mouth. He has a sailor suit on, though this may have been added later. He is about 20" tall and is jointed. The unusual thing about him is he has bent legs. His nose is black; what you can see on him and his clothes is the chemicals used to put out the fire. I think his eyes were glass, though cannot be sure. I think his hand and feet pads were felt (fabric of some kind, not vinyl or leather). My husband bought him in an Op Shop here in Adelaide. The sales person told him it was old. He was in lovely condition.

The small bear was purchased in Oxford, England. His colour is more a standard brown and fur a bit softer. He had the red bow around his neck already. As you can see, he has stitched claws on hands and feet. From memory, his nose may have been brown, but can't swear to it. He was also jointed.

The picture below is the only one I have left of them, sadly...

I do hope you can help with identification. Thank you.


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