Two Brown Teddy Bears

by Danny
(England )

brown teddy bear

brown teddy bear

I have two bears i dont believe to be of any real value but would like to find out about them company other versions etc..

First one GEORGE is small brown bear around 30cm height not sure if mouth is still original shape but has a black v shape with vertical black bit in centre looks stiched in think it had a nose but gone way before I could remember.has what looks like creamy ish colour inside ears centre mouth piece lrg belly full brown round stumpy are and brown legs with cream ish round pads at bottom,pads are still same material as bear just look like animal pads. Its eyes are around 12mm diameter with what looks to be convex shape and behind bcoz tear can see the eyes are set in a white/clear plastic retainer with 8mm black plastic poker bit, rough age anything from 40 to 30 years of age bear has lost an arm when I was a child coz I broke an arm think me mum took it off had hospital badges like myself was my vest friend growing up and upon cleaning out my deceased mothers loft found them, other bear similar age light blue monkey had pink ears and pink belly but could of been from washing machine dying it???
Had yellow mittons and hes eyes was looking to the left from hes prospective around 25cm roughly has pink pads on bottom of feet as well

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