Unknown bear

by Anne-Marie Jacobs
(West Sussex )

We came across this gorgeous bear in a local charity shop that was closing down. They told us that he was quite old although he appears to be in excellent condition. He is fully articulated, head arms and legs. He has brown velvetine paws and blond mohair like fur. He has glass eyes, a pointed nose and a hump on his back. His ears are large and on the side of his head as opposed to the top. He has a firm stuffed body but no evidence of a growl. The only signs of wear or age are around the end of his nose which is going a little bald. He is 20 inches tall, his torso is 9.5 inches, his arms sre 8.5 inches long and have a curve but no markings to represent claws just felt pads. His legs are9.5 inches long and his feet are 4 inches long, again no indication of claws. He is wearing a pink and cream patterned scarf but there is no way of telling if the scarf was originally on the bear. The scarf is 31 inches long, its made of wool its tube shaped with fringes at each end. His overall appearance is very much reminiscent of a 1930 steiff bear but there is no evidence of an ear button and no evidence of a maker's mark or label. We have done many internet and Google searches but have been unable to find any information on him. We are interested in finding out as much as possible about him. Value isn't important to us but we are keen to find out his origins. He appears to be a top quality bear.

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