Unknown pre 1960 teddy

by Rick

pre 1960 teddy

pre 1960 teddy

This is the teddy that I had as a child. Either my mother bought it at an estate sale sometime in the late 50's in the central part of Missouri or it was given to her by my Father's mother who was of German descent. My mother's memory is somewhat cloudy from the years, but I seem to remember her telling me years ago that it came from an estate sale.

We have no idea of how old it was at that time, or from where it originated, but it was not new at the time she bought it.

The arms, legs and head are fully articulated.

It appears to have something inside the body cavity, like a voice box or something.
It is cube shaped, and can be squeezed and seems to be collapsible, but springs back to it's original shape.
It makes no sound that I can hear. I have never opened it to investigate.

I have no specific knowledge of antique teddys but here is what I think are accurate details about this bear:

Mohair covering (I believe)
Kapok filling in body and limbs, (does not crackle when squeezed), nose area is clearly some kind of wood wool (visible in photos)
Stitched thread or yarn nose
No stitched claws or toes
Glass eyes (I believe, but I'm not sure)
Feet pads are velvet like, not mohair
16" long
No real hump on the back

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Nov 15, 2015
Teddy Bear Evaluation
by: Kevin Jones

I have a teddy bear that I obviously got when I was a baby. It
It was made at the latest early 1950. It stands aproximately. 2 foot. Can you give me an aproximate valuation based on this. Can you tell me how to evaluate it please?
Many thanks Kevin Jones

Oct 28, 2015
Added info
by: Anonymous

I should have added that the final hand stitching is done on the back.

I am leaning toward a fairly early Farnell.

Oct 27, 2015
I possibly have the same brand
by: Anonymous

Hi. I'm also looking for som info about this brand of bear. I belive we have the same brand. They look very simmilar, and my bear also have this surface on the paws.
Germany also makes sence for my bears history location. Please let me know if you find out which brand it is :)

Oct 26, 2015
Maybe 1930s?
by: Anonymous

Possibly from the late 1930s judging from your story and the velveteen paw pads.

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