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Hi my sister was given a bear when she was born in 1978, the bear came from the UK and was given free when you bought a vacuum cleaner. He is about 2 feet in length, with unjointed limbs, and his arms are splayed open, his arms and legs do not taper at the ends , they are the same thickness start to finish. He is a light brown colour with black felt pads on his ears and at the ends of his arms and legs, He is filled with what feels like cut up foam and has a white snout with a black nose, and an orange rim around his eyes, like his pupils are orange. He doesn’t have a scarf or hat. I’m not sure what he is make from but it looks like very short fur. My sister absolutely loves and adores her teddy and I would like to give her a bit more information about him, like when he was make and what kind of bear he is and who made him etc. he has no labels or tags or any makes that can identify him. His ears are on the top of his head and are a half circle shape with no filling in them. I don’t know how long our family member had him before she gave him to my sister in 1978. His nose is plastic and has nostrils carved in to it, his snout is quite pointy and long but doesn’t have much if ant stuffing, I don’t know if that’s how he was made or it just happened over time. He has no mouth (other than the one my sister drew on when she was a child!). His head isn’t round more of a triangle shape, and he isn’t one of these bears that has a big tummy he is the same thickness throughout his entire body, the back of his head is flat but again I don’t know if that’s how he was made or just that’s what has happened over time. His arms don’t move inwards or up and down, they are always splayed open. Can anyone help with with information about this bear or even just the vacuum cleaner company, just something to start the search off would be greatly appreciated. I have never heard of anyone one else getting a free teddy bear with a vacuum cleaner purchase! The only picture I have of teddy is of the top half of his body and his face, not ideal I know but hopefully that can still help someone recognise something about him. Originally from the Uk but now lives a life of luxury in Australia! In the photos his snout looks a little brown, but it’s actually white. Thank you so much for your help!

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Nov 27, 2023
Baby gift bear might be same maker
by: Therese

My childhood bear BlueBeary has the same type of fur and nose and ears feet and foot pads are dark brown while his body fur is tan . The nose is what is different I haven’t found any others with noses like his hard plastics with nostrils carved in

This is so exciting

Therese Cole

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