by Paul Twitchett

very old bear

very old bear

We purchased this very old bear in Italy we were told it was part of a large house clearance of a vey old person. The bear is mohair and filled with wood strip filling that crackles when you press the body. very long limbs bear size 25" long with centre seam. very worn with loose limbs but still has original metal circular attachments. The limbs could be very easily be reattached using the original fittings. looks like wooden eyes. Pointed nose mouth line worn with age. The pads are worn and look like replaced on top of original many years ago. Still some original markings with tread of claws on pads. it has been mentioned it could be a strunz but I can not confirm this. this bear has led a full life and shows the signs of a much loved and cuddled bear and can be restored to some of its original glory with very little effort.

Even though this bear was purchased in Northern Italy it is possible it is from Germany as the Germans had occupied this area during the war.
We would be grateful if anyone could help in tracing the history of this bear.

Hi, the eyes are probably what they called boot button eyes and if original are definitely from a early bear pre 1930's. He has shortish arms so doesn't look like a steiff.

I have looked through my books and cannot find s similar one. he has a very long thin snout and a small nose with very front placed ears. or course it does depend if he has been repaired in the past and perhaps some of his features changed.

Sorry can't help with id but es he certainly looks very old indeed and has many early features.

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