Very Old Plush Bear

by Mark Herzberg
(Willmar,mn USA)

Plush bear

Plush bear

Hello, I have a very old bear and she is made of mohair I took a sample and burned it and it turned to ash and smelled like burnt hair. Her Eyes are glass , and she measures 18 " from head to toe. her arms are about 6" and legs are 7 or so. her head and arms and legs all completely spin around. her body seems hard to squeeze and is not soft inside. I really would appreciate any help with when or who made this bear doll. Her left ear has a small damage as if it was pulled on maybe the button was there and it was damaged pulling it off. its hard to see as its by the head area. also the mohair seems to be balding along seem areas. but is overall nice and so is most of the stitching. I think this bear to be pre-ww1. THANKS, for looking and any help, Mark

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