Very Old Teddy Bear, Please Help!

by Max

Here is the precious teddy bear!

Here is the precious teddy bear!

I found this guy at a garage sale for one or two US dollars, but I think he belonged in an antique shop because good gosh, he looks incredibly old! Well, I must admit I fell in love with him anyways and he is a very nice friend to have around. He lives on my dresser so I don't accidentally step on him or anything. Anyway, back to the big main idea: can someone help me find how old he is and/or the value of him? And just so everyone knows, It is not all about the money. if he turns out to be not valuable I'm still going to keep him and treat him like a little pal. I've looked through decades of different teddy bears and I couldn't find a look alike. I have a hunch that he his homemade but I still do not know, but if I would have to choose a time it was made in it would probably be maybe early 20th century maybe? He looks very beaten down an antique, and I am not sure if I should even be handling him. The bear has olive greenish or brown fur and a weirdly shaped body. His head kind of looks like the original beanie baby head with the very vertical kind of face. However, it is more stick out and has very large semi-circle ears with bluish black buttons for eyes. His arms and legs look like he should be laying down on his belly because they are all sticking out to the left and to the right. Maybe he was climbing a tree originally? He could have been, possibly. He has no tail to be seen and by the looks of it, I don't think he's ever had one. He might have had another button for a nose, but I'm not too sure about that theory. I'm also guessing he is about 6 inches long. He has a green thread and a black thread coming out of him in places so I suspect that he might have had an accident and needed to be sewed back together while he was with his old owners. Well, that is about it! Thank you to any one person out there who tries or tried to help me, as I am very curious of the past or future fortune of this little teddy bear friend!

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