Very Old Teddy Bear

very old teddy bear

very old teddy bear

have recently purchased a very sorry looking bear from a brocante in france where I live, It is stuffed with excelsior wood wool, his material is in good condition I think it is mohair but I honestly do not know for sure, one of his arms is about to drop off which has exposed his stuffing. its is still attached just! He has two very strange metal rods that attach his arms to each other and the same with his legs, it runs through his body, the bar then pokes through the outside of the shoulders and hips and are attached with visible wooden stops, the rod is the bent back in place to secure. His head is fixed. The whole of his body looks slightly flat now, i am guessing he has been stored for many years in a blanket box or something similar and has been pressed by the linen on top of him, his eyes are glass i think, clear and black, they feel rounded but i do not want to pull them too much. His ears are falling off but both still there and original, one has pink silk inside it but the other it has fallen out. His nose and mouth have been stitched on with pink thick thread. His paws have been hand stitched again with the pink thread , there are no pads on his paws or feet. he stands 35 inchs tall from the top of his head to bottom of his feet, and is 10 inchs outside shoulder to outside shoulder

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