Very old teddy found in France

by Julie Bailey
(Bordeaux France)

French teddy bear

French teddy bear

Hi there,

Today, in south west France near Bordeaux, I found this lovely bear who I've called Martin.

He's very much worse for wear but his arm joints are still in tact, he has a few raw patches on his body where you can see his stuffing, which looks like straw.

His paw pads are wearing thin too but you can still feel and see the original material.

His fur is a lightsh brown colour but almost non existent, exposing every seem.

His eyes are deep black rounded studs but they don't look sad. He just looks tired to me.

I don't think he's ever been repaired, he looks to be in an authentically poor state, sadly.

I know nothing about bears, I just fell in love with him when I saw him propped against a public bin area and realised he'd been dumped. I hesitated before I picked him up but I'm so glad I didn't leave him there.

I would love to know how old he is, anything about him, how he might have originally looked and if he has a brand or an original name.

I've asked a local friend to try and find out who he belonged to. We live k fairly rural agricultural area, dominated by an ageing population. I can only imagine a very old lady or gentleman who had no one to pass him on to, how sad is that, if it's true.

Please let me know if you need any further photos or close ups of the bear in order to help with identification.

Thanking you all
in advance.



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