Very Tall Teddy Bear

by Pearl

This bear has been in my mothers possession for nearly 50 years. He is about 24 inches tall, he makes a crunch sound when you squeeze him, his nose was made of embroidery thread but it wasn’t stitched on it was glued on (strange, I know), he used to have a felt tongue, not the typical stitched upside down Y shaped mouth. He has no tag currently and he never has. Her parents gave it to her around 1970 but we don’t know where they got it. His fur has always been like this, it’s not matted. He used to have a cream coloured satin ribbon around his neck. He also has very wide thick seams. I’ve seen some cubbi gund bears and knickerbockers that are a pretty similar shape and concept but the colour pattern is never quite right or the eyes. If anyone knows where he came from I would greatly appreciate the input.

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