Vintage Bears From Bing

Vintage bears from the Bing Company can look rather like early Steiff bears. In fact early on there were legal proceedings taken by the Steiff company to protect their brand and help to distinguish their bears from Bing's,  by preventing Bing using a button in the ear as their trade mark.

Bing Teddies are certainly considered collectible bears and the early bears do come under the heading of antique teddy bears. If you are considering seriously collecting teddy bears then a Bing bear is certainly one to look out for.

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Bing Teddy Bears - Distinguishing Features

Bing Teddy Bear From The 1920's

1920's Bing White Teddy Bear

Early Bears

  • Small ears set wide apart on the head
  • Black button eyes
  • Small nose and mouth
  • Jointed limbs
  • Curved paws
  • Rotating head
  • Made from Mohair
  • Final seam is on the front of the body
  • Flat feet
  • Fat bodies stuffed with wood wool
  • Silk claw stitches

 Later bears 1920's - Some had

  •  Shaved muzzles
  • Pointed heal pad
  • Glass eyes

 Mechanical Bears

  • Both dressed and undressed
  • Many forms such as skating bears and acrobatic bears


Very early Bing teddy bears had a metal shaped signal in the ear, these were changed after legal proceedings taken by Steiff. It is very rare to find antique teddy bears from Bing with this tag. 

  • Early bears (1910) - Metal tab marked G,B.N under the arm
  • 1919 -1927 - red tag marked B.W
  • 1927 - 1932 - blue metal tag marked B.W found on wrist or under arm
  • Early Bing Mechanical bears carry a metal button on their bodies marked DRPDIVDRGM - this is a patent pending mark.

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