Vintage Douglas Cuddle Toys Classics - Brown Bear Late 80's

by Chris
(Phoenix, AZ USA)

Vintage Douglas Cuddle Toys Classic Brown Bear purchased in the late 80's. The Douglas Toy Manufacture tags are still on the item. Listed below is some information about this Big Bear (according to E-Bay size measurement guide it is considered a Jumbo stuffed animal):
Douglas Classic Toys Classics
Crafted with Pride in USA
1989 Douglas Co. on manufacturing tag on animal.
Approximate measurements:
Leg: Hip seam to ankle seam approximately 21.75"
Bottom width - approximately 25"
Ankle to farthest part of foot - approximately 8"
Waist measurement - approximately 62"
Arm Length - Approximately 23"
Ears - Approximately 7" x 5"
Head including nose - 48.5"

The feet have 4 leather paws each. The hands also have four leather paws. Nose is leather. The eyes appear to be glass

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