Vintage novelty Inc. teddy bears on wooden porch swing

by Sharon Bricks

Pair of teddy bears

Pair of teddy bears

So I have a set of vintage possibly even antique teddy bears. One is a male teddy bear which is paired up next to a female teddy bear. Both of their tags say that they were each manufactured by Novelty Inc. from Greenfield, IN 46140; however, they both also state on label below the Novelty Inc., made from all new materials, 100% polyester fibers, but its directly below that where the label says, “Ohio # 15978” & then below that, “PA # 4643 (RC).” I’m not sure what these two #s are to be indicating. I tried google and it feels like a million other web search engines to try to decode the purpose of these numbers but have been without any luck thus far. PLEASE HELP :). I would like to know how old these folks are if at all possible along with their estimated value. The male bear is plush and very furry. Accompanying his fuzzy fur are two glossy solid black circular plastic, I’m assuming, pieces for his eyes and then just like the eyes only this time a triangular shaped black piece is placed on as a nose. This hot stud is outfitted in a flannel blue and white vest-like top that are buttoned up by two plastic pearl buttons. The vest is then topped by 3 lace-like white flowers which then are topped off with a neatly tied yellow bowtie; which

also sport a few white laced flowers and which is carefully tied off with a pink ribbon. Sitting directly next to him on this uniquely designed and crafted, stained, and then highly glossed wooden classic roped up back-porch swing is his fair lady. She has on a red, white, and teal stitched flannel dress which so happens to also be topped off by those same white lacey flowers as her man. She again like her man has the exact same eyes that are glossy solid black same as her triangular nose. She is again just like her man is seated sporting that same fuzzy fur but unlike him her hair is done up with a red and white flannel bow to accompany her dress. Each teddy bear sits at a width of 3.3” across so they are nice and tightly planted and bounded to the swing’s seat which is 7.5”in width, whereas the top piece of this wooden swing measures at 9.5” across and it’s bottom wood log piece is 10.5”. This swing’s height going off it’s highest piece is at approximately 8.5” with it’s seat accounted for at 4.25” of that 8.5” measurement. Each of the teddy bears @ 5.5” of height in their seated stance. I think this is a pretty cool and crafty piece of unique art. I am certain it’s older but exactly how old well that’s where you guys come in :)

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