Vintage Teddy Bear Musical Plays Brahms Lullaby

by Patricia

Musical Teddy Bear

Musical Teddy Bear

I have just purchased this lovely little bear and would love to know something about him if any one could please help that would be great as I felt I must have him as soon as I saw him I wanted to own him or should I say be is new keeper .

This dear little bear has been such a well loved Teddy as can be seen by his pictures he has almost been loved to death . 
He is 16 inches tall and his fur is a golden colour I would think he would have had a plush fur coat in his day which is now very worn but he has worn well with only one hole but I think all this adds to his charm .
Poor little thing has a this one burst under his arm and his pads are a bit worn all due to all the love he must have received over the years which I think is all in keeping with his vintage years as I am sure he cant be new . He has nice clear eyes and a black plastic nose, his nose is also not in great condition poor chap.
The snout is quite sharp looking and a little out of shape I am not sure if this is how it was meant to be or again just happened over the years with all the love he has received .
Ted has a key at his back which plays Brahms lullaby when it has been wound up. This still works very well.

I am not sure what his filling is but his head does seem like the straw wood when I squeezed him .There hasn't been any repairs as far as I can see, I just think he's such a cute little bear .I am not a bear collector but feel I may now have the bug and might have to buy more friends for little ted .

Thank you for taking time to read this sorry its so long but a little hard to write 400 words about something you know very little about .
Best wishes
Pat x

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Jun 22, 2021
Musical teddy bear playing Brahms lullaby
by: Anonymous

In my Mother's baby diary she mentioned a bear like this which unfortunately was ruined by leaving it out in the back garden when it rained .. This was late 50s but I was delighted to find the same thing for my firstborn in the 70s in Studio Cards catalogue ... Not much help to you probably!
Having turned into a bit of a sentimentalist and border-line hoarder I now wish I had both of them.

Jun 02, 2021
My bear is/was white
by: Hilary U

My bear was bought for me in the early 1960s. She was a Christmas present. She looks very threadbare in places but she has been well loved. My Dad had to fix the musical box at one point.

I would attach a photo but there doesn’t appear to be an option

Apr 09, 2021
Working teddy
by: Fiona Rose

I was given a Brahms lullaby Teddy for my 1st birthday in 1960. My dad was in the RAF and stationed in El-Adem, Libya so must have bought it there. My Teddy is a bit threadbare now and lost his mouth but, otherwise, he is still working! He has a wind-up key and is musically slow and creaky but I love him very, very dearly. If I knew how to post a picture or video, I would proudly do so xx

Nov 29, 2019
Teddy Brahms Lullaby
by: Paul

My sister had a teddy that played Brahms lullaby I always remember her with it and I am now honoured to be the keeper of it, my sister passed away aged 15 in 1964. Unfortunately the key was lost before the teddy came to me, I’m also unsure of the make of the bear, I would love to find a key to fit it.

Nov 22, 2019
Brahms lullaby Teddy
by: Karen

I have a Brahms lullaby teddy. He was given to my big sister Rachel by Nanna Ann,on the day of her birth. 26th June 1956 (First grandchild). You have to keep gently squeezing his tummy in and out to hear the lullaby. My sister sadly passed away in February 2001 and I have her teddy as my only keepsake of her. I treasure it with all of my heart and although loved and hugged almost to baldness and straw stuffing falling out. I am aiming to get teddy restored to pass on to my first grand child.

Sep 10, 2018
Old Bear
by: Patricia Christensen

Dear Patricia, I had a Bear that played Brahms lullaby when I was a child. I am now 60 years old and would love to have found this lovely old fellow. I gave mine to a very poor family that lived near us, without my Mum knowing. As it's a very long time ago I'm not sure of how he looked. Enjoy him.

Patricia Christensen.

Jun 10, 2018
Similar bear
by: suzy

I have exactly the same bear that was given to me New in England in about 1966. Hope this is helpful.

Nov 15, 2016
I had one
by: Laura

Awww I used to have one of these. A brown one. I was born in 1980. I used to love my bear. And still love the Brahms lullaby today. :)

Oct 07, 2016

by: Kate

Hi well
looking through my books it seems that a lot of musical bears would play this lullaby. However the closest I could find that had a similar look was a early 1960's Chiltern bear. However I would only give this 50%, your bear has a much more pronounced snout I think.

Perhaps someone else can help out.

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