Vintage teddy bear

by Dan daniels
(Kamloops bc Canada )

He is 18" tall has jointed limbs and his head is also jointed. Glass eyes as there cool to the touch. His nose mouth feet and paws are all stitched. He is made of wood wool as he is kinda of crunchy to the touch.hes been around a very long time we are thinking very early 1900 or earlier. He has a bow tie and his body has mohair. Although a lot of the mohair is gone probably from a lot of hugs. This bear is smiling all the time He seems to have a very sunny disposition. We are not sure who he is but he seems really happy to be with us. We would be very happy if you could give us an idea what and who this very loving and caring teddy bear might be.if you think you might have an idea or no some one who knows him I think he would be ecstatic to know how he became to be. We found him in an estate sale a while ago and really have no info on him at all. His colour is a golden yellow with beautiful brown eyes. The mohair is quite sparse. I'm not sure if he may have had clothes at one time. All the stitching is in good shape no stuffing showing anywhere. Some of the stitching on the feet is missing. The stitching on the feet and hands were only stitched top and bottom. I would be for ever grateful if you could come up with a date and make of this beautiful teddy bear. His joints are in good shape everything moves and works as it should. We love this bear but just want to know who he was before he came into our possession.

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