Vintage Teddy Bears
from Chiltern Toys

The most valuable vintage teddy bears made by Chiltern was known as Master teddy. He was the first bear they made in 1915 and was fully dressed in trousers and jacket or shirt. He has a very distinctive look with rather bulging eyes and is made with a Mohair head and limbs and fabric body, needless to say he is a very rare find. 

Hugmee bears were the most popular Chiltern bear and were first made in 1923. These bears were made for some time but of course the early Hugmee bears are the most sought after.

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Chiltern Vintage Teddy Bears - Distinguishing Features

Early Bears and general features

  • Large clear Glass Eyes with black pupils
  • Head stuffed with wood wool
  • Body stuffed with Kapok
  • Ears are cupped
  • Fully jointed
  • Long arms with spoon shaped paws
  • Velvet pads
  • Claws are silk stitched
  • Made from mohair
  • Shaggy coloured mohair was popular in the 1920's and 30's
  • Stitched noses with long upwards stitches

Later Bears

  • Large brown glass eyes 
  • Cotton Pads
  • Mainly un-jointed
Master Teddy 1915
  • Mainly made from synthetic fibres
  • Flatter faces
  • Shorter arms and legs
  • From the 1960's plastic noses were used

The 1950's and 60's saw many new designs come from the Chiltern Toy works, these included:

  • Musical bears
  • A ting a ling bruin
  • The Cubby bear, a standing musical teddy 
  • The use of coloured synthetic materials
  • Foam filling


The Chiltern trademark was first registered in 1924 

A vintage bear from Chiltern will carry a simple label which reads "Chiltern, Hygienic Toys, Made in England". 

When the company was taken over in 1967 by Chad Valley, a label which read "Chad Valley Chiltern Hygienic Toys Made in England" was used for a short time.

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