Weird looking bear

by Clark

Weird looking bear

Weird looking bear

Hi there I hope you can identify this bear. I admit to being a novice in this field but after viewing various sites I will try to give all the relevant information I can. I rescued the bear from being put on a friends bonfire about 35 years ago and it's been in the attic ever since. Although it's not a 'cute' bear to me, I did feel sorry for it.

It's 19" tall from tip of the ear to the sole of the paw when standing and 13" when seated. It is the same colour all over including the pads. The limbs and head have disk joints, the limbs move freely, but the head is a bit stiff and I don't want to force it. The eyes appear to be painted metal and as can be seen the right eye has been
worn away. When squeezed the bear makes a 'scrunchy' sound and is quite solid. It does appear to have narrow ankles and big paws although the arms are very uniform in shape. The closest I could find on line facially is a Dutch bear?(Pic 4)

Hope this is enough information to identify the little fella, Many thanks.

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