Well loved mohair teddy bear with clothes and suitcase

by WL Worth
(Fort Mohave, AZ)

Dad’s best pal circa 1930

Dad’s best pal circa 1930

My father’s teddy bear was his constant companion during rough times in the Great Depression. He had a great imagination but as an only child living with his grandparents he got very lonely. No one cherished my Dad more than his mother. She preserved the milestone bits of his childhood with passion.
I have no memory of ever seeing Master Bear before last week, but my grandmother told me stories of their adventures together when I was a little girl. They inspired my lifetime love of bears large and small.

When my father died three years ago, my parents’ keepsake boxes ended up in my garage. The last box had this bear tucked in the bottom.

The bear is mohair which was probably a yellow tan color and shaggy rather than shaved.
He is about a foot tall and fully jointed.
He has brown glass eyes still bright and shiny
His growler is defunct. From the worn chest fur I assume he was quite talkative.
He was also something of a daredevil because someone painstakingly recovered his front paws in another fabric.
The bear has pinkish felt pads on his back feet and stitched claws

Does anyone recognize this teddy? He was probably made between 1925-1935. Any tags or buttons are long gone.

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Oct 16, 2021
Could be a JoPi
by: Robyn

It sort of has a JoPi (Josef Pitrmann) look to me. Very cute bear!

Oct 13, 2021
Mr Bear’s New Look
by: Wendy L Worth

Mt Dad’s beloved bear was dirty and sorely in need of repair after 90 years. He has been identified as a Chad Valley teddy bear made in 1930.
Sally Winey, of Winey’s Bears, has worked to restore the bear’s fur and paws while keeping the look and feeling of a young child’s toy.
I am delighted to show off our family heirloom!
I will post photos as soon as I figure out how to do this.

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