What is this little teddy bear?

by Jess

Little Teddy Bear

Little Teddy Bear

I saw this teddy at a car boot sale a few weeks ago and I immediately noticed how alike my grandmas bear he was. My grandma was born in the the 1930's. I didn't get to take the bear when she passed away so I knew I had to buy him! And it was only £1.00, I couldn't leave him there. I don't know much about a bears characteristics so I'll just not down what I can see in the hope that someone might know what he is!
Light brown hair
Glass round eyes, black centre and orange outer
Black plastic nose
Non moveable limbs
A stitched number 16 in ear
Not sure of inner material but he scrunched when squeezed
Hand stitched
Length 40cm
Hopefully someone can help me out?
Thank you.

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