What kind of Russ teddy bear this is?

Russ teddy bear

Russ teddy bear

I got this teddy bear sometime between '98 and '05 I think. I'm pretty sure it is a Russ bear but I know that they all have individual names. I must have cut the tag off of him when I was smaller because I cant find one on him and I've been known to do that upon receiving any stuffed animal. Anyways, he's a great teddy bear and hes the only one I've ever had because I have always preferred stuffed animals with tails. (I don't know why) Now I have donated the majority of my stuffed animals and the rest are in storage but my teddy is the only one I still sleep with. Most nights he ends up on the floor but I do love him. Anyways, I was just wondering if anybody could tell me more about him. Like I said, I've done a little research and I think he is a Russ but I don't know his name. I've just always called him Jeffrey.

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