What kind of teddy bear is this?

by Andy
(Minnesota, US)

Hello! I have had this bear since I was very little. I got him at a garage sale, so I have no clue how old he is. I ripped the tag off when I got him because I was a little kid and the tag annoyed me, so I have no way to find out who made it or where it's from. His stitching is something I haven't seen before, with the weird striped all along his body. There seems to be beads/beans in the bottom of his torso, but the rest of him seems to be stuffed with some kind of fluff. His bowtie can come undone, and it's not in its original state (I got bored and untied it and couldn't put it back exactly right). I honestly just want to know what kind of bear this is. It's a very special item to me and I want to know if anyone else could have a bear like this. I have never seen one like this.

Thank you for taking the time to help!

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