Which company made this 1930s bear?

by Sue Shipp
(Columbia, MD)

Dad’s teddy

Dad’s teddy

My father was born in 1935 and has had this bear all his life. It’s unclear if it belonged to one of his much older sisters before him. He thought it was a Steiff, but I see no hole in the ear. The bear seems to be mohair and is crunchy when squeezed. Eyes are two tone glass, ears are rounded, head turns and arms and legs articulate. It’s in good condition except for peeling on the left foot (could this be where a tag may have been?). The bear is about 22” long. It looks more like a 1930s Alpha Farnell than a Steiff, but the nose is more oval than square. Dad seemed to think the bear was an original and quite valuable. I can’t find anything to definitely identify it.

Due to its age, I can’t really tell if it was White or tan when new. I know that it was well loved and that I wasn’t allowed to play with it as a child. It has been carefully kept in a glass cabinet for at least the past 40 years. All the seams are good and the blue ribbon appears to be original, although I don’t know that for sure. The hands and feet are covered with a soft material and the peeling area appears to be something that was added over soft material, that’s why I think it could be where a tag may have been. There’s no real wear on the bear.

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