White teddy bear bought in HK, 2007/8

by Jung Yuri
(Hong Kong)

So this is a bear that has been with me ever since I was born, and my sister knows that I really want to know the details about this bear, so she created this and asked me to fill in the details

NOTE: The shirt the teddy is wearing and the necklace aren't part of the original bear, when I first had the bear it had a creamy white bowtie made of ribbon.

Size: About 13 inches tall
Age of bear: 12-13 years
Color of body: Mostly white, with beige palms, ears, soles of feet, and part of the belly.
Eyes: Brown, with white dots. Also, it seems to be sewn in
Nose: The same color as the eyes, also probably sewn in. It's also worth saying that the place where the mouth line connects to the nose is bent towards the left side of the nose.
Mouth: Sewn-in, asymmetrical(You can see two stitches on the line connecting the mouth to the nose to keep it in place)
Tail: It sticks to the right side of the butt and it caused it to leave a dent from which it's slightly raised from.
Tag(The one that has the brand name): I don't have it anymore because stupid old me thought it was annoying but I remember it had a green design.

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