White teddy bear with pink collar

have a white teddy bear which I received in 2004 it was purchased from Lakeland regional hospital but I have been unable to identify or find this bear anywhere. I’ve recently been looking to buy a duplicate but have never came across another identical bear. The bear is a white polar bear with plastic eyes a pink stitched nose a light pink collar which can fold down and has a wider but thin buddy. Bears body shape is round but no thicker that the distance between your thumb and pointer finger when making a C shape. On the bears chest, left side, he has a light pink stitched heart outline with the words hug me stitched inside. The bears paws are rounded off at the end with no lettering or marks only a pink cuff on the last inch or two of the arm. The bear also has white feet with once again and inch or two at the bottom the light pink like the paws. The feet are also rounded off but are much longer than the paws with little thickness. In the feet are little beads along with some padding. The rest of the body is stuffing. There is a little round tail on the back it’s a small ball with a circumference no larger than a quarter. Unfortunately the tags were removed 17 years ago and there is no brands on the bear.

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