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Is this a Chiltern Sooty bear?

Is this a Chiltern Sooty bear?

He is about 10" tall, I don't know anything else about him! I actually had one almost the same (though a little bigger by a few inches,I think.) He was given to my Dad when he was little in the late 40's early 50's, and Dad gave it to me when I was about 7 or 8 years old. He went everywhere with me, I loved that bear to bits.

When I was 11 in 1985, I was on a train coming back from Kent, and as we rushed off the train, he got left behind in a bag, with my doll and her stuff. God, I can't tell you how badly I took that. As soon as we got home, my Mum phoned Victoria train station up to see if he had been handed in, as lost property but nothing, she kept on phoning for me. I suspect that the chap who had been seated opposite us, may have more of an idea as to what happened to my things, he certainly never yelled after us.

Though to a little girl of 11, it meant everything to me, and since the internet came about, I have looked to see if I can re-claim my lost bear. It is not the money to me, it is the sentimental value of him, that means everything to me - utterly priceless. He had a tiny little bit of fur going the wrong way on his chin, his ankles were a little bit less stuffed from his age, and I swear that I would recognise him if I ever saw him.

As daft as it may sound now, I don't think I every really truly got over losing him. I had other bears, but they never quite meant quite as much as Ralphy did (that is what Dad called him), as it was his Uncle Ralph that gave him to him.

He was fully jointed and had sewn in nose mouth and eyes like the one in the picture. I bought him a few years ago because he reminded me so much of Ralphy. He is called R2! I can not tell you anymore about him, because I don't know. He is a little smaller than Ralphy. I think Ralphy may have been about 10". He looked very much like this guy.

I do not know the manufacturer, or anythingelse. If any one could provide me with any info on anything about these bears - please I would be so pleased to hear from you!

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