Who is this Bearie????

by Mikey Martindale
(Wooster, Ohio)



Bearie is a bear I have had since I was little. His paws are weighted with beans, he has a flocked nose with plastic eyes, he has a tag so faded that I can only make out a lowercase "e" at the end of a word. My Aunt reportedly bought him for me at a toy store in Princeton, NJ. I have had him since 2002. He's pretty big too. He has hand sewn eyebrows and a hand sewn smile. All the stuffing from his neck is gone because of how often I used to sleep on him as child, so I don't know if he used to be capable of sitting upright or if he has always been a laying down type of bear. He is about 50 cm long and he has no other identifiers other than the tag. I'm wondering if he is a one of a kind bear or not, because I have been searching for so long and haven't found any manufacturer or bear similar to him! Please help me find him!!! I really want to know what brand he is!

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