Who Is This Guy, Could He Be A Comic Strip Character?

by Anne

Mouse cuddly toy in red outfit

Mouse cuddly toy in red outfit

Hi. I've had this bear for ages but have no idea about his age or who he is. He has some age to him because his head, limbs and curly tail are all attached with metal spikes. Even his ears have inner metal wire to help them keep their shape.

His nose and ears would suggest he is a mouse, but he has a curly tail like a pig.
His trousers and checked cummerbund are stitched on, but his cape and waistcoat can be removed. He has red felt on the pads of his feet. His body is various shades of brown but I'm not sure if that is deliberate or just a sign of his age.
Would anyone have a clue to who he is or when he was made? Someone has suggested he was a cartoon character from the 1950's but I have researched this as much as I can and can find no mouse/bear that resembles him. Also he has a very solid body which suggest that he is a bit earlier.
Any ideas anyone? And if he was yours, would you pay to have him repaired ( he is showing his age, and some on his metal a bit ).
Many thanks.

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