WHO R U, Mr. Kaolo Bear?

by D
(Lansing, MI, USA)

Kaolo the bear

Kaolo the bear

Coming in at 6" tall x 3" wide (not including "wingspan"), this brown and white bear needs your help! (And I do, too.) No tags present. Would appreciate any identification info (company, model, etc.).

This was the first bear I was given, when I was still a toddler. The neighbor lady, Mrs. Dorothy Snyder of Lansing, MI was very sweet and I can still remember her face.

I took him (Kaolo) with me to camp with my 2nd grade class, which annually wood go to the Wesley Woods camp. There, we wrote stories about our bear and for many of us, it was our first night away from home. The teachers included our bears in our lesson plans that term, and it was a creative way to build imagination and stave off any fears of being in a strange place.

Glad and lucky he's still with me, and I'm giving him to my daughter (age 7 mos.). The idea that I'm able to do it is very profound and special to me. Now I have to hope that she won't lose him either ;) I don't have much to pass down as an inheritance, so I hope someday she'll come to understand the love I have for her through my furry emissary.

He's been through a lot: multiple sewings, through the bathtub, survived a fire, and never lost (amazingly).

I don't have much else to add except that I can only guess this bear was born between 1977-1980. I saw another poster here born 1977 - was cool to see.

Texture is fairly soft, but not microfiber soft. Stuffing is cotton. One notable thing is his very sad face and "sayonara" wave, like he's saying good-bye for a very long time. Cottony white ears, muzzle, and chest. Stands solid with no problem.

Thank you for your help. And thanks for this website!

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