Willie, a treasured childhood gift.

by Carol A
(Minneapolis, MN)

Willie the teddy bear

Willie the teddy bear

Willie was given to me when I was about 7 or 8 back in 1957 or 58. He belonged to a close friend of my grandparents. “Mr. Jack” and his wife were childless so were often included in our family gatherings. I was a shy, not very happy little girl and his gift Of Willie was very special. He told me that Willie was his as a child. He would have been born early in 1900’s likely in Germany.
Willie has no tags, is about 16 inches tall, has discs in arms, legs and neck for movement. The only non original part are his eyes which are now boot button. Eyes he had were mother of pearl stick pins(which I have) That were deemed too dangerous for me.
Willie has been well but gently loved.
Any information regarding his origins appreciated.

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