wind up music box Teddy bear

(Qld, Australia)

Hi guys I have an old wind up music box Teddy bear I'm having difficulty in identifying the manufacturer and date as he has no visible tags. Originally I thought he was a Steiff bear but has no indication of having an ear button I'm hoping that you or another collector may be able to help me in identifying his origins. He's been in the family for at least sixty years, he stands roughly 35cm has wind up music box similar to other Pedigree bear I've seen and has Rounded glass eyes, disc joints and leather pads on paws also seems to have Apricot coloured fur coat. I've attached a few photos of him and tried attaching a recording(MP3 file) of the music box lullaby to assist but the site says that it must be a JPG or gif file 🙄. If anyone knows who the manufacturer is or needs an MP3 file of musicbox recording please let me know at and I'll email you back.

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Mar 10, 2021
I have the same bear
by: Janine

Hi. I am sure I have the same bear as you. Mine was given to me in 1954 when I was born.I live in Newcastle NSW. My bear played Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. Have put his info on this webpage a long time ago but can't find it now. If you find any information could you please let me know as yours is the first one I have ever seen like mine. Can send you pics of mine if you are interested.
Thank You

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