Winnie The Pooh

by Matthew Gauthier
(Downey, CA, US)



I was given an antique teddy bear from a library volunteering. It almost looks like a Steiff bear but I don’t want to speak on something I don’t know about. It’s got plastic honey all on it’s face, torse, arms, nose, and legs. It also has a sun hat with a bumble bee on top of it, as wel as a bumble bee on its foot. It wears a scarf with red, blue, and white flowers in it. It carries a jar that says “Honey” with it stuck on his hand with honey and his other hand holding the lid. If you can figure out where this bear is even from I’d gladly appreciate it. The fur has sum frizzles to it. The bear also sits on its legs with its feet facing outwards. Each bed looks like it was hand made with wire framing the wings and a super thin layer of fabric. The body is made out of pipe Chenille. The eyes are craft eyes the simple googly eye. The Scarf is detachable so it can come on and off. The honey is professionally glued to the bear. I’m not sure what the nose is made out of but it’s almost like a rectangle or square. It has a piece of loose string for it mouth.

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