Wool Teddy Bear

by susan

Wool Teddy Bear

Wool Teddy Bear

I have a medium size, all wool, round winnie the poo type bear. Ears are set low, Bear has small snout with Velvet nose. There is no mouth present. Plastic eyes with iris and brown outer eye.

Beige round pad feet made with a softer material, they are oval. Bear can sit with big pot belly. Knee joints made in wool but are not mobile. Bear can lie flat with pot belly sticking out.

Unfortunately there is no label. I purchased this stuffed bear at an Estate Sale. I believe it was the owners because it is in remarkable condition (no tears, or worn threads, eyes in tact. I don't know if there was once a mouth.

Has a mall tail. Maybe 24 inches high? Definitely has a Winnie the Poo type tummy. Very round.

No odor, wool has taken a fleece type look I imagine due to age.

I can send pictures

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